Black Tea Foot Mask

Teatime Beauty

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Black Tea Foot Mask
Black Tea Foot Mask
Black Tea Foot Mask
Black Tea Foot Mask
Black Tea Foot Mask
Black Tea Foot Mask
Black Tea Foot Mask

Natural exfoliating Foot mask for baby soft feet, Moisturizing and Nourishing foot mask for remove callus hard dead skin

Bullet Points:

  • Teatime Beauty’s all Natural foot mask is made with real black tea extract
  • This unique Moisturizing foot peel off skincare mask will make sure your feet baby soft skin. Moisturizing whitening skincare mask helps to minimize effects of dullness and dehydration's
  • Say goodbye to cracked soles, dead skin, dryness using this Natural foot peel product
  • Moisturizing and Hydrating natural foot mask infused with antioxidant beads that release to help address the first signs of aging.
  • Simple, Effective and Painless Spa Experience at home. Get relax and enjoy your smooth baby soft feet


This unique Moisturizing foot skincare tool thoroughly repairs your damaged skin, mending roughness, nourishing your hands and protect from the sun crack. It quickly replenished nutrients, moisturizing your hands and resist skin aging.

How to Use? 

  1. Clean and try your feet 
  2. Cut of the seal of the foot mask and put on the foot mask
  3. Relax for 35-90 minutes, experience the foot SPA! 
  4. You can wear socks on top of the mask, so you can freely walk around. 
  5. Gently remove the mask and rinse your feet with water 

 Please Note:  After using 3-5 days, the foot should begin to peel off, as different skin type; someone maybe need 5-7 days then peel. You’ll able to see the difference. Wait the full 2 weeks for the peeling process to end.

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