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There has been a lot of talk about sheet masks, as such one may wonder… What are sheet masks? What makes them special? Do they stand the test of time in a world that is constantly on the move? How safe are sheet masks? What are the benefits of using them? How often should sheet masks be applied? Which sheet masks are the best? The list is endless. While the lists of questions and concerns seem endless, there exists but a few experts with wholesome knowledge on the subject matter.


Let’s face it. Social media has done a tremendous job in getting the attention of many to the wonder that are sheet masks. And many have since fallen in love with them. But why not? A sheet mask is basically a mask made in the form of a sheet. It is obtained from materials such as cotton, coconut pulp, cellulose, fibre, hydrogel, paper or a combination of such materials. Just like a typical mask, it is placed over the face and covers it, but there are holes present fit for the eyes and mouth. A fusion comprising the aforementioned materials and a hydrating liquid (known as serum) is responsible for the wet and cool experience that comes with the overall skin care which sheet masks bring to the table. As it has been described by many experts, sheet masks constitute a marvelous kind of beauty sleep. Simply put, they do for the skin what the skin cannot do for itself.


Relative to the much older facial masks, sheet masks are new. They tromp facial masks with the convenience and ease of the application and handling. There are numerous benefits of sheet masks. While everyone has their personal reasons for choosing sheet masks, the key benefits include:

• They hydrate and moisturize the skin

• They brighten and make the skin firmer (while the sheet is on the face, the serum permeates and soaks the skin).

• They give a certain glowing appearance to the skin, that is appealing to many.

• Compared to face masks (paste type), they do not dry out the skin (this is as a result of the useful vitamins and minerals that are contained in the liquid serum).

• Another benefit of sheet mask is their usefulness when added to skin care routine.

• Their simplicity and effectiveness gives an added advantage

. • Apart from their convenience, they are inexpensive when compared with going to the spa.


We live in a world that is growing at a very fast pace While society argues with itself, contemplates and attempt to dictate which sheet mask is the best, in the end, it comes down to you; what do you want considering skin type and condition and what are you willing to pay for it? There are some that tackle aging (anti-aging), some are meant for sensitive skin, there are the ones that serve as good companions of dehydrated skin. While for others, their usefulness lie in their ability to brighten the skin. Some others yet are suitable for oily skin. For some people, it is a matter of the make (what are the basic constitutive materials?). Some people prefer those made of hydrogels, given that it sticks more firmly to the face. While price and purpose matter in the choice of sheet masks, there are some of such masks that stand out in the market. Examples include:

• Natural Green Tea Face Mask.

• Black tea foot mask.

• Chamomile Face Mask.

• White Tea Hand Mask


Many experts have opined that three times a week gives optimum benefit. Doing it the celebrity way, that is every single day, does not hurt either. Sheet masks have come to stay and just as for every other subject matter, there are experts. As it pertains to sheet masks, it is always best to let the experts give you the best information. For example, the expert opinion for how long sheet masks should stay on for, is between ten to fifteen minutes — before it all starts to feel dry.

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