Drink To Staying Young

nikki upton

Did you know: Yes it’s true that some certain drinks can help prevent signs of premature aging and keep your skin wrinkle-free and tight. A proper skin care routine is just as important as consuming the right drinks to keep the body hydrated. Some main factors to skin becoming worn down looking and tough is sun damage, inflammation and free radical oxidation that damages the cells and tissues. There are billions of beauty products on the market. Who knows what to choose to from? But drinking beverages with the right nutrients can keep years off of your skin.



For centuries Asian countries have been known to consume high amounts of tea. Black tea, green tea, white tea and chamomile tea. The tea leaves carry high levels of antioxidants. A study done by the University of Maryland Medical Center states that the polyphenols in green tea are even more potent that those found in vitamin c. Green tea prevents free radicals from generating in the skin when sun damage occurs and it reduces ultra violet related inflammation.Drink more green tea and while you are at it apply a green tea sheet mask to your face. All natural beauty products and a healthy diet can lead to a long happy life with youthful and radiant skin.



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